Saturday, January 14, 2012


I decided to upload a bunch of my sketchbook pages from last semester. I thought about editing them to have maybe five pages of my best sketches, but I don't feel the need to make my sketchbook look flawless. I love looking through people's sketchbooks, because sketchbooks are more than just books to practice drawing in. They're like stream-of-conscious diaries, but prettier. I can look through my sketchbook and remember just what was going through my head when I drew on that page. And I love looking through other people's sketches and trying to guess what was going through their heads.

An email was sent to us Ringling kids at the beginning of the semester that had a link to a Ringling professor's blog. I will never be able to remember which blog that is and I'm sure I deleted the email by now, but I like what this professor had to say. He said that sketchbooks shouldn't be places to show off. They should be places to practice, to make mistakes. I agree with that. I used to be worried about making sure my sketchbooks looked nice, because God knows when you're friends with a bunch of art nerds, sketchbooks are going to passed around and scrutinized. And of course, I still like sharing my sketchbooks, but I'm no longer ashamed of the not so pretty pages. So enjoy, friends! Scrutinize away!


Kevin Lu said...

Your drawings have nice shapes and a lot of sass! I like them a lot!

Maude Estelle Thomas said...

your blog is sooo inspiring!! I cant wait to spend next year drawing with you!!!!