Saturday, May 7, 2011

End of Sophomore Year!

So another year is done, and I just thought I'd post some pictures I drew of memorable moments from my sophomore year. They're super lame drawings and I didn't spend very much time on them at all, but there were some parts of sophomore year that just needed to be documented.

During 1st semester, my buddy Travis played a game called Alan Wake that was awesome and terrifying. I was going to put myself in the picture, but it was too cute with just Travis and Cassidy.

Cassidy and I were super stylin' when we went to The Sarasota Opera House to see Cinderella. We had front row seats and the tickets were like, ten dollars. It was awesome.

For Valentine's day, my buddies Megan, Esther and I watched Moulin Rouge and fangirled over it.

And finally, to celebrate all the birthdays that took place in the summer, we gave our traditional birthday booty dances. This is me and Emily celebrating Miranda's birthday.