Sunday, August 29, 2010

Summer Sketchbook

Summer is over, and I'm back at Ringling! I bought an off brand moleskin to fill up over the summer, and I only filled it up 3/4ths of the way. Here are some of my favorite sketches from the summer!

These are sketches of a character from the book/musical Les Miserables.

I decided to sketch some glamorous drawings of women from the 20's/30's. Unfortunately, I bought some fancy markers that bled through from the other side. The blue in that flapper's hair was not intentional.

There's the blue that bled through! the cats on the right are my cats! I miss them already!

Self portrait!

Some expressions on the left. The boy on the right is a sketch of my brother. I miss him too!

My family and I went to Wyoming for vacation this summer, and we saw the Grand Tetons. I sat and sketched them in the cold. My hands were freezing afterwards!

This was in Wyoming too.

I played Dungeons and Dragons for the first time this summer! Probably not something I will be doing again, but it was really fun creating my character. My character is named Luscious, she's a professional yodeler and lute player, and she has a precise wand of color spray!

I interned at the Lawrence Arts Center this summer for the Summer Youth Theater program (SYT). You really have to love theater to spend your summer in a cold basement instead of at the pool! Thankfully, I'll take theater over the pool any day. This is a sketch of the vending machine's in the basement, some questions that the director had the cast answer, and a list of the songs in Hair.

This page is a little boring, but I really enjoyed some of the sketches. Katy Perry is at the top of the right page. I love her! Underneath her is a picture of Lisbeth Salander from the book Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Underneath her is a picture of Draco Malfoy making fun of Batman.

A panel came every Tuesday to talk to the cast about the 60's. The guy with the speech bubbles was quite the character, so I had to draw him!

I don't know why my text is suddenly underlined, but these are portraits of some of the kids who did Hair. I only had time to do a few; I hope nobody feels left out! You were all very talented, and the show was AMAZING!