Saturday, January 31, 2009

Character things

My friends and I are working on a fantasy book just for kicks and giggles, and I decided to draw some of the characters. Here are some character descriptions
Name: Holly Lawrence
Age: 11
Background: Holly is a very jittery little girl who was bit by a werehare on her 11th birthday. The closest daemon city was Inglesville Kansas, and because her parents couldn’t afford to leave their jobs in Colorado, Holly was forced to move to a werewolf shelter in Inglesville without them. She is the youngest kid at the werewolf shelter and the only werehare. :-(

Name: Melinda Pomplestroff
Age: 12
Background: Melinda is a witch in training who has lived in Inglesville all her life. Her parents own a pumpkin patch that grows pumpkins all year round, as well as a pumpkin bakery in the market. Melinda is very adventurous and energetic, but sometimes says inappropriate things without thinking.
Name: Jack
Age: 11
Background: Jack is a troll who lives in the trailer park under the Jenkson bridge. He teases Holly mercilessly and is basically a little brat. His mother is a troll and his father is a human, and he has an obnoxious little sister as well.
Age: 10
Background: Cassandra is a neighbor of Holly’s who lives with her father in a decaying house. She is very creepy and can see ghosts.


walkingjellyfish said...

wow! this is wonderfu;! i love Melinda Pomplestroff and her pumpkins ^_^ do they have any "special" qualities?

Das-BAMFchen said...

Not really. Holly turns into a hare during the full moon, and if she bites someone else they will turn into a werehare. Melinda can do some basic magic, like making a flower bloom and flying a broomstick, but other than that nothing really big. Jack's just rude, but he can run fast, jump high and climb trees faster than a squirrel. That's pretty special. Cassandra is the most powerful out of all of them, because she can summon ancesteral spirits to haunt people she dislikes.

walkingjellyfish said...

hey! here's a link!!!